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The United States faced a big problem in late 1800s for animal exploitation cases and there were many societies built up during that phase throughout the States. There were many ideas about it in the middle of century, but the first initiative was taken around 1873 for the savior of animals.

There was a great promotion and success for these organizations, but they still required an enhanced voice in promotion of humane movement. Hence, there was an initiative taken in the year 1877 from twenty seven humane organizations in 10 states for unifying their missions and combining their strengths to do something great for animals. It was the first meeting of the American Humane Association, which immediately began its work for saving animals and their precious lives in the most appropriate way. They began working after the first meeting and the primary purpose was to terminate inhumane treatment of animals in farm. There were ill-conditions in which these farm animals were kept and the first step was taken for them for improving their condition.

History of American Humane Association

The meeting was held with a mission and proper vision with a perquisite to ensure welfare of animals and children. The organization worked for the prevention of neglect, abuse, cruelty and exploitation of animals and children. Still, it carries forward children and animal safety to assure their positive interests and effective care from society. American Humane Association focuses on making all the nations free from any ill treatment on children and animals. They have great researchers to get training and evaluation for keeping the name of the organization and fulfilling their needs to work in the best way in creating laws for animals and making sure that they are followed well for the best treatment of all creatures. They also make sure that there are best human-animal interactions in society and the organization reaches to millions of people every day with their hard work and groundbreaking research.

IDA was founded in 1983 and this organization is wholly dedicated to protection of rights and welfare of animals. There are millions of determined activists and volunteers working in these organizations for protection of animals. There is balance restored in nature, animals experiments ended, domestic animals guard and wildlife protected with the help of people working for this organization.

IDA is working for fighting and building apathy to avoid any kind of mistreatment of animals on global basis. They make sure that the decisions are taken in accordance to interests and requirements of animals to get rid of their exploitation by the society in any way.

The role of animals on international levels is taken to fulfill their welfare terms and generate feelings of great bonding with them. Human perception about animals is elevated through an organization like IDA and they are recognized as individuals having needs, feelings and their own interests. There have been many positive changes noticed in the people for their treatment with animals. Humans and animals share many similarities and should be treated in the similar way for giving happiness and sufferings. Living beings require a life with dignity and they need a quality life and same is the case with animals. Rights of animals are their birth rights and are similar to what we claim for ourselves. This is the main idea behind working of IDA. There are random joys of life available to everyone and animals are the creations of the Almighty and deserve all the joys.

In Defense of Animals (IDA)

‘Treat others as you want to be treated’ as the goodness of human beings depends on the happiness of other species around you. Animal Rights reveal the actions of humans to be taken in intersection with animals. IDA is supporting animal rights and their interests by opposing the wrong and unacceptable things for the animal world.

Animals are dependent on legal implementations provided by various animal organizations and national government. The purpose behind the legal protection is that animals are affected directly or indirectly by these laws and the decisions made by highest authorities do have effect over the livelihood of these animals. There are many national and global agencies taking initiative for animal protection and welfare. They create laws based on the scientific and humane grounds for wildlife conservation, welfare of animals, pet rescue and saving animal breeds.

Many agencies lie IFAW are famous in researching about these issues and making some international agreements based on the need of animals in the society. There are practical and expert solutions provided for reduce any problems caused to the animals and protection of their habitats.

The recent international organizations working for legal protection of animals are:

  • International Whaling Commission
  • European Union Legislation
  • United Nations Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora
  • Convention on Migratory Species
  • Environmental Assembly
  • The International Organization for Animal Health
  • Council of Europe
  • United Nations Environmental Programme
  • Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare
  • Convention on Biological Diversity

These organizations and international agreements have drafted legal decisions for protection of animals and habitats worldwide. Governments of all the nations have recognized the importance of animal welfare and have trusted that it should be implemented worldwide. Positive decisions and commitments for animal welfare have made it easy to implement the laws and improve the position of animals requiring protection. The international agencies work hard to conduct workshops and seminars for effective enforcement of animal laws and wildlife regulations.

Legal Protection of Animals

The committees and associations of these animal welfare organizations make sure that there are funds collected and used for different purposes to avoid any Ecological Imbalance of Nature.

Best Friends Animal Society

This society was found in the year 1984 and the main purpose is to provide safe and caring homes for  teacup pigs,cats and dogs with the aim of helping homeless pets to get adopted by responsible families. The organization also focuses at saving animals from getting killed. There are millions of animals being killed, which could be adopted by willing families. Stats reveal that Best Friends Animal Society has reduced the number of killed animals from 17 million to 4 million in number. They also make trials for ending breed discrimination, cat saving and terminating puppy mills.

Top Organizations Protecting Animal Rights

Humane Society of the United States

Humane Society of the US was established in the year 1954 with HQ in Washington DC. It works in all the fifty states of the America and is by far the most effective animal protection society in the nation. It works in two essential areas: Confronting cruelty and Celebrating animals. There are animal campaigns, legislative proceedings and animal rescue operations performed at different rehab centers, sanctuaries, clinics and emergency shelters.

San Diego Humane Society and SPCA

San Diego Humane Society and SPCA were founded in 1880 and operate in San Diego area for the following programs:

Adoption and Sheltering animals
Rescuing animals in the situations of emergency
Review animal neglecting and cruelty cases
Pet assisted therapies

The donor base of this organization is very strong and the annual expensses are approximately fourteen million dollars.

PetSmart Charities

PetSmart Charities aims at getting a lovable home for every pet and promotes positive relations between humans and pets. It provides neutering and spaying services to prohibit overpopulation of some pets, run emergency relief programs and giving new homes to pets.

Dumb Friends League

Dumb Friends League works smartly from the year 1910 and was actually named after a British Animal. This organization takes care of about 25000 lost and abandoned animals every year and provides assistance on humane animal treatment and finance neutering and spaying for avoiding over population.

International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) was found in the year 1969. It has the main aim of saving animal populations, individual pets and habitats all over the world. The organization is associated with more than forty countries worldwide and provides assistance to stray, domestic, livestock, rescue animals and wild animals during the times of need. They also serve the basic need of animals and save them from depletion and cruelty.

Ideas of IFAW

IFAW focuses on protection and respect of animals. They emphasize the fact that animals require protection and love from human beings and make efforts to save the animals near the extinction stage. IFAW strongly believes that all human beings are responsible for animal protection and avoidance of unnecessary exploitation of these creatures. There are promises made to policy makers and supporters of the group that there will be effectual animal protection solutions delivered with a promising approach, integrity, consideration and astuteness.

Information about International Fund for Animal Welfare

Animals are rescued and cared for the sake of their protection for long term and delivery of best solutions for saving their populations and habitats. Animal welfare concerns are addressed in policies based on society base and legislative measures. IFAW team includes veterinary doctors, legal experts, campaigners, rescue workers, educators, support staff and scientists to help out the animals in need. This international agency works with expert approach for animals and coordinates strongly with the offices in different countries for the variable concern of animals. There are many projects and campaigns carried out on regular basis to get global influence and impact of the policies and guidelines offered by the organization.

IFAW has a listing of many animal welfare and conservation tasks. They focus on welfare of intertwined animals, healthy population demonstrations and wild animals having natural sustaining capability. There are experts handling these projects and drafting the influencing policies. The needs of communities are considered for every step and there are best solutions gathered for animals and the associated people.