The United States faced a big problem in late 1800s for animal exploitation cases and there were many societies built up during that phase throughout the States. There were many ideas about it in the middle of century, but the first initiative was taken around 1873 for the savior of animals.

There was a great promotion and success for these organizations, but they still required an enhanced voice in promotion of humane movement. Hence, there was an initiative taken in the year 1877 from twenty seven humane organizations in 10 states for unifying their missions and combining their strengths to do something great for animals. It was the first meeting of the American Humane Association, which immediately began its work for saving animals and their precious lives in the most appropriate way. They began working after the first meeting and the primary purpose was to terminate inhumane treatment of animals in farm. There were ill-conditions in which these farm animals were kept and the first step was taken for them for improving their condition.

History of American Humane Association

The meeting was held with a mission and proper vision with a perquisite to ensure welfare of animals and children. The organization worked for the prevention of neglect, abuse, cruelty and exploitation of animals and children. Still, it carries forward children and animal safety to assure their positive interests and effective care from society. American Humane Association focuses on making all the nations free from any ill treatment on children and animals. They have great researchers to get training and evaluation for keeping the name of the organization and fulfilling their needs to work in the best way in creating laws for animals and making sure that they are followed well for the best treatment of all creatures. They also make sure that there are best human-animal interactions in society and the organization reaches to millions of people every day with their hard work and groundbreaking research.