IDA was founded in 1983 and this organization is wholly dedicated to protection of rights and welfare of animals. There are millions of determined activists and volunteers working in these organizations for protection of animals. There is balance restored in nature, animals experiments ended, domestic animals guard and wildlife protected with the help of people working for this organization.

IDA is working for fighting and building apathy to avoid any kind of mistreatment of animals on global basis. They make sure that the decisions are taken in accordance to interests and requirements of animals to get rid of their exploitation by the society in any way.

The role of animals on international levels is taken to fulfill their welfare terms and generate feelings of great bonding with them. Human perception about animals is elevated through an organization like IDA and they are recognized as individuals having needs, feelings and their own interests. There have been many positive changes noticed in the people for their treatment with animals. Humans and animals share many similarities and should be treated in the similar way for giving happiness and sufferings. Living beings require a life with dignity and they need a quality life and same is the case with animals. Rights of animals are their birth rights and are similar to what we claim for ourselves. This is the main idea behind working of IDA. There are random joys of life available to everyone and animals are the creations of the Almighty and deserve all the joys.

In Defense of Animals (IDA)

‘Treat others as you want to be treated’ as the goodness of human beings depends on the happiness of other species around you. Animal Rights reveal the actions of humans to be taken in intersection with animals. IDA is supporting animal rights and their interests by opposing the wrong and unacceptable things for the animal world.