Endangered refers to ‘Species at a serious risk of getting extinct from the planet Earth’. There are many known endangered animal species throughout the globe. These animals are left only in a few numbers present in the world and there is a probability of losing the existence of their species very soon.

People think that it is not feasible for them to work out in the right way to help these endangered species. However, there are very simple things you can begin doing from today to take correct actions for protection of these species. There are many animal protection organizations working for this purpose and TOP 5 are listed below with brief details:

Top 5 Organizations working to Protect Endangered Species

Defenders of Wildlife

This organization was founded in the year 1947 with an aim to protect wildlife. The organization aims at protecting native animals and plants throughout the region of N. America and focus mainly on habitat and wildlife conservation to protect the species. They aim at protecting wildlife as well as water and land resources. Wildlife gives a lot to human beings and should be valued and protected.

International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)

IFAW was found in the year 1969 and is one of the largest conservation agencies in the world. They aim at rescuing animals and protection of entire animal species to preserve habitat all over the world. They have policies for pets, farm animals, sea and wildlife creatures to avoid any kind of situations such as cruelty, carelessness or protection of species of animals.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

This society was initiated in the year 1977 in the US. The main mission of this organization is to protect marine animals and protecting ecosystems by conserving marine species.


Panthera is the leading cat conservation society in the globe and aims at protecting the endangered species of cat family (lions, snow leopards, jaguars and tigers). They work hard to conserve global society of these species.

Save the Manatee Club

Save the Manatee Club was established in 1981 and protects endangered manatees and the aquatic habitat to protect their future generations.