Scientists Center for Animal Welfare is an organization meant for balancing animal welfare and applying scientific and professional means to take care of these animals. The purpose of SCAW is to provide potential benefit to human beings and animals for research and welfare. It is a leader in animal welfare education industry and provides the members with quality based educational resources and opportunities for its associates.

The scientists do fullest animal research and accept challenges to train the associate members for educating for animal training. SCAW helps in crafting best solutions for promotion of supreme practices for animals. It is highly committed to excellence in scientific animal care and rescuing. There are many open discussion platforms and presentations done on regular basis to get the best practices to care for animals. There are many workshops and seminars conducted each year by SCAW and they sponsor conferences for healthy discussions on animal welfare.

Scientists Center for Animal Welfare

Scientists Center for Animal Welfare is a great source of information for R & D throughout the world and their papers are considered by many agencies to get best objectives for animals. Media and General Public are aware of the results and studies revealed in conferences and workshops. These are usually two-day conferences and provide best researches for animal welfare and management issues. SCAW and CITI program have made partnership for developing Student Scholarship Fund and full time students and enroll for it to get their career opportunity in animal welfare.

The information and data clubbed from SCAW conferences and workshops results in promotion of animal studies and welfare. It has improved the animal research operations to a high level and American people have got highly impressed by the status of the results of these studies. There is full evaluation of scientific care, well-being and treatment of animals in society.