The World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) came into existence in the year 2003. There was a dire need for fighting animal diseases at world level and it led to international agreement for saving animals. OIE is inter-government organization aiming at improvement of animal health globally. It is termed as a Reference Organization by WTO (World Trade Organization) and it has 180 member countries till date. The organization has 45 regional and international organizations attached in every region.

Functioning of OIE

OIE is basically authorized and managed by World Assembly of Delegates clubbing the Delegates designated by the Member Country Governments. OIE has HQs in Paris and the organization is headed by Director General (DG) elected by World Assembly of Delegates. The financial resources of OIE are derived from annual contributions collected by contributions from member countries.

OIE has the major aim for providing the guaranteed food of animal origin and promoting animal welfare with a scientific approach. OIE member countries provide the assurance for safe food of animal origin by synchronizing their activities with other groups and organizations. Also, the standard activities eliminate the potential hazards for processing of animal products or slaughtering them.

The World Organization for Animal Health (OIE)

OIE has played an important role in acting as international reference organization for animal health and it is widely accepted as the best organization for animal welfare. The organization has also improved the legality of National Veterinary Sciences. The scientific labs are providing OIE their services for giving their resources and benefits to the organization to work in the best way. Animal and public health should be maintained for the betterment of a nation and also, to reduce the threat of spreading diseases to other nations. There are international standards maintained to use resources and structures in a professional way and give priority to animal health appropriately.